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We'll see you there!

Ready for more good skin days?

We are delighted to announce our long awaited opening of The Glow Formula - Skin Revision Clinic

Starting April 13, 2021, The Glow Formula will be able to open our doors and bring skin health to everyone who reaches out for it.


We believe in health from a holistic view, and are committed to the health and safety of our patients. We are dedicated to executing outstanding sanitation practices, and other COVID-19 safety protocols approved by IPAC to ensure patient protection.

Until further notice, we request that our patients
1. Enter the clinic with a mask on
2. Reschedule when feeling under the weather
3. Complete our Health Declaration form within 24h ahead of your appointment

Our staff will complete
1. Daily Health Declarations
2. Daily Temperature Checks
3. Social Distancing outside of the clinic

All treatments until further notice will include the protection of Spidertape™ masks. These allow for the whole face to be treated with minimal interruption, while only covering critical areas (the nose and mouth). Skin therapists will be wearing both masks and face shields.

We are so excited to have you in our brand new clinic and looking forward to the many skin transformations ahead.

Remember: stay consistent, exfoliate, and wear your sunscreen!

Here's to having more good skin days!


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