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UV Filters that respect your glow

Backed by science and a deep medical heritage, what started as a little Swiss secret quickly became the trusted choice for wound care and healing products by hospitals and physicians around the world. In 2007, they expanded from healing skin to include protecting skin with the launch of their cosmetically elegant line of sunscreens.


The number one trusted, recommended and personally used professional sunscreen by Dermatologists in the North America. Elta MD's Sun Care, Skin Care and Aesthetic Care products are formulated for every skin type, lifestyle and condition to protect, renew and heal skin health.

Daily UV protection reduces instances of...

Premature Wrinkles

UV Exposure is a large contributor to collagen loss. Avoiding UV damage to these structures is key to maintaining a level, light reflecting complexion.

Pigmentation Disorders

UV rays challenge our pigment cells (melanocytes) with protecting the DNA of our skin cells. By avoiding over working these cells, we can help our skin stay even and avoid discolouration concerns.

Skin Cancer

UV Damage to our DNA is the recipe for cellular mutations, including skin cancer. Daily prevention is key to avoiding this in ALL skin colours, and ethnicities.

Our Collection of Elta MD

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