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Born out of a need for customized skincare that's as unique as you are. Our Glow Formula is rooted in Medical Grade active care to bring you both peace and transformative results. We believe that the experts should never be out of reach, offering both in clinic and potent homecare treatment options for the most profound results possible


Jenn is a Licensed Medical Skin Therapist serving the Toronto area. Specializing in corrective skin treatments and acne scar revisions, Jenn uses both her knowledge and compassion to craft treatment programs for the most stubborn skin conditions. 

Though transformative skincare is her focus, client comfort and care is always top of mind. Her clients not only experience physiological transformation during treatment, but also a level of empowerment only achieved though being educated on your own skin. 

The Glow Formula was started as an initiative to make corrective skin treatments and medical homecare less intimidating and more accessible for those who need it. Offering in clinic treatments and continued support in prescribed homecare to keep skin health a consistent concept to deliver exceptional results in a shorter timespan.


With training in Skin Mechanics, Lymphatic Drainage Techniques, Dermaplaning,  Microneedling (CIT), Chemical Peels, MicroCurrent, Radiofrequency Skin Tightening and more,  Jenn continues to chase emerging skincare technologies to ensure her clients receive the most effective treatments possible.

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Just as the Glow Formula was created out of a need, so was Jenn's pursuit to understand the ins and outs of skin health. It was her own journey to take control of her skin that influenced her passion for skin care in the first place. 

The journey of calming her own acne, and the hyperpigmentation that came along with the battle was the catalyst behind discovering a love of the skin's mechanics and healing devices. Being of asian descent brought in the extra focus of how to care for skins of all colours and learn the specific charms and challenges each bring to the table.


​As a woman of colour, shes takes special care to see that complexions of all depths can understand the science behind their skin, and the beauty behind self care.


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